Native Android & UX

I love building things - that's why I develop android apps. If I'm interested in the project it doesn't become a job anymore; much less a grind or a 9-5. Thinking about how interfaces work, playing with smartphones, building software, and working with the smartest people I know, isn't a job, it's amazing and I'm grateful for it all the time.


Here's 5 things that I'm into:

  1. Skateboarding (downhill / street)
  2. Design / business
  3. HCI and interface design
  4. Android development & readable code
  5. Commercial spaceflight
  6. BONUS - making lists


I always try to be researching and learning things because boredom is the biggest killer of ambition, Thus I gravitate my attention towards interesting projects, this being said I'm not freelancing right now but feel free to send me an email about your exciting project, I might be able to help out! at the very least I'm always interested!